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Digital Assets Deployment is the first Internet and Technology 2.0 Business incubator in Spain, with presence in Europe, USA, China and Latin America, which supports entrepreneurs to realize their business through the concept of Seed Capital. System based on the initial financial contribution to the selected project, in the startup phase, so that it can develop the main activities of the process of initiation and start-up of the new company.


How do we work?

Our investment process is structured as follows: – DaD evaluates each of the projects submitted. This assessment is based on three key aspects:

  • Size and nature of the market the project is aimed at.
  • Concentration of investment risk.
  • Knowledge and references of the entrepreneur who will lead the project.

In view of the above, a first screening of projects is carried out. The selected entrepreneurs present their project on a sheet of paper, making a pitch in which they clearly show the strength of their idea. DaD begins to evaluate the business plan through the analysis of:

  • The business model.
  • The functions and skills of the management team.

– The Management Committee holds an in-depth interview with the entrepreneur to study the feasibility of the project.

– The Investment Committee analyses and selects the projects it considers to have the greatest potential and then submits them for approval by the Board of Directors. After all these steps are the most complete and viable projects, with the best management teams in management and quality capacity. Subsequently, a contract is signed setting out the conditions and prerogatives of DaD.

– The average investment is 150,000 euros in exchange for a 15% stake.

– DaD invests only in minority shareholdings (between 5% and 25% of the company), but only in projects that allow it to have a specific weight in relation to its management and to be up to date with what is happening in the investee company. After the investment, DaD guides and supports the companies in which it has a stake in:

  • Management and work processes
  • Establish the most appropriate financing at all times.
  • Attracting the first customers.

These companies in turn regularly send you information on their operating situation. Once the companies are in operation, the Divestment Committee comes into action, which continuously monitors the investments made. He decides how to divest and thus generate profits for DaD’s investors and partners.

Our speciality

Invest in DaD
DaD has become an investment instrument for small and large investors in Internet business projects. Of the 70 current investors, DaD has Internet and Technology entrepreneurs covering a wide range of sectors in which the company wants to be or is already present. This allows the company to have knowledge and experience in the sectors in which it invests, thus ensuring that the selected projects have a very high percentage of probability to become winners.

Experience and know-how

Invested companies and outstanding successes

Since our foundation in 2006, we have travelled a successful path supported by the experience, knowledge and effectiveness of the selection process used. A professionalism that has led us to invest in various companies and thus be part of their success. The success of our management can be seen in the three major sales agreements made in 2010: XPlane, Tuenti and BuyVip, the latter two acquired by two giants, Telefónica and Amazon respectively.

DaD Global

Creating new opportunities

The DaD business model, by investing in innovative internet and technology business projects, allows the most capable entrepreneurs to take advantage of the initial support to carry out their initiative. Our continuous growth and vision of the future has led us to break into the international market, betting in places with great entrepreneurial potential all over the world. From DaD we have bet for the international expansion having presence in several countries of three of the five continents: China, Russia, United States, England and Chile.

Management Team

Advisory Board

DaD has a group of highly qualified and prestigious professionals, experts in the world of the Internet and new technologies that with their knowledge and experience constitute the key differentiating element of the company.


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